Kibler Valley, Virginia

June 19, 2005

As part of our Father's Day celebration, Jeff and I paddled an one mile stretch of the Dan River starting at the Hydrostation in Kibler Valley.  The water flow matched the lowest we've seen on the Dan, but it was raining and we still had a blast running the upper rapids.  The spots in between the rapids might have been low and rocky, but it was still awesome to go down Basketball Falls, Clarks Falls, and all the other rapids along the way, including the uppermost section between the station and the first bridge.  Plenty of water going through those narrow sections.  Jeff went without his spray skirt, so he had to bail out his Blackwater a few times.  But going without his skirt also meant he could hop out of his kayak and drag it over the rock gardens.  Our two families drove along the road, watching when they could.  Just an absolute blast.  Jeff once again said that it was our best run yet.

River Depth at Francisco gauge = 1.5 feet   Discharge = 149 cubic feet per second 


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