Kibler Valley, Virginia

June 17-18, 2006

River Depth at Francisco gauge = 1.33 feet   Discharge = 74 cubic feet per second

June 17-18, 2006.  For the second year in a row, I celebrated Father's Day by kayaking in Kibler Valley.  This year we rented a house for the weekend, which gave us plenty of water time, even if we didn't actually have the water.  I had hoped that the City of Danville, in honor of Father's Day, would release water from the hydro station, but alas, Dan River was the lowest I've seen it since I started kayaking.  So while the kids had a blast playing in the low water, my paddling was limited to a couple of runs from the Hydro Station to the first bridge and roll practice.  I finally found a name for the rapid just before the bridge closest to the Hydro Station.  According to Forrest Altman's Adventures In The Dan River Basin it is called Public Enemy #2 and the rapid between it and the station is called the Power Plant Rapid.  There wasn't enough water for me to paddle down to the third class III, Basketball Falls, that makes up the trifecta of rapids in this first section, but the low water did give me a chance to see what those top two rapids look like when the rocks aren't covered with water.    One hearty kid paddling a Dagger made it all the way down to our house, but I have no idea how he did it.  He said that the only reason he came was to paddle, so that was what he was doing.  But I swear I don't know how he made it down the river at that level.  

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