Kibler Valley, Virginia

River Depth at Francisco gauge = 1.8 feet  -  Discharge = 240 cubic feet per second  - Release = 7500KW

July 9, 2006

Video of SRVCC (7.3MB) Jul06 - Smith River Valley Canoe Club surfing and playing

Jeff Eads took all the following photos of myself and other paddlers this past weekend on the Dan in Kibler Valley, Virginia.  After the inauspicious start of wiping out while surfing at the hydro station, I ran the first mile and a half to Clark's Falls, during a 7500 cfs Sunday release, then went back to Basketball Falls to try and catch some air since Jeff was disappointed in how I poked through during my first run.  I got enough speed built up to get a pretty decent boof and was stoked that Jeff got such a cool photo of it.  I enjoyed it so much that I went back up two more times, but either didn't get enough steam built up or missed just a little to the left and right each time and they fell flat.  I was really happy about the Sunday release, since I can't make it to the river on Saturdays, and had a ton of fun.  I need to say thanks to Jeff for shuttling and documenting.  I'll have to return the favor one day.          

post note:  I later learned that most of the paddlers in the video were Smith River Valley Canoe Club members.  That discovery later led to my own involvement with the club and eventual membership. 


Photos from July 8th and 9th, 2006 -Courtesy of Jeff Eads.

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