Kibler Valley, Virginia

July 22, 2006

I made two and a half runs in Kibler Valley with two different groups of paddlers.  Along the way I also met Brian of Dan River Rats and spoke with David who has one of my favorite paddling websites, NC Paddlers.  The first full run was with Tarheel Paddler Association members Ron, Suzie, Mitch, Don and Amy.  An early 9AM 7500KW release allowed us to start the first run at 10AM.  I've enjoyed getting to add a few new lines to my Kibler runs.  Running river-left of the big rock at Public Enemy Number 2 (rapid at the first bridge) is a ton of fun, the river really does most of the work on that one.  It takes you for a ride on the left bank that is a blast.  And I'm really glad that Jeff taught me the boof line at the Basketball Falls entrance. I love catching a little air at Basketball now and it actually helps in catching the river-right eddy before the really big rock by slowing you down.  Anyway, we had a nice paddle to the take-out, then started a second run at Clarks Falls.  The first run was more of a river running trip, but we went slower, taking time to surf some of the play waves on the second run.  While surfing a wave near the road, we got an offer from Buddy to start back up at the top.  The others decided to continue with the run they were on, but since I needed the practice for next week's River Run, I took them up on the chance to start again at the hydro station.  My paddling companions on the last run were Buddy and Daren from Kannapolis and Keith and his daughter from Thomasville.  That last run took a little longer because we caught almost every eddy and surfed almost every play-wave on the river.  I started getting a little tired during that last trip, but had a lot of fun surfing some new spots.  And Darren gave me some rodeo tips that I might try out some day soon.  I took my only swim near the end of the day while surfing.  Good company, good water, lots of fun = great day. 

TPA Surfing (4MB) - clip of Ron, myself, Mick and Don surfing (footage courtesy of Mick)


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