Kibler Valley, Virginia

September 16-17, 2006.

Fun In A Kayak (6MB) Sep06- jumping, sliding, rolling and having lots of fun in Kibler Valley

Jeff's Launch (1MB) Sep06 - Jeff launching off the river bank

We shared a wonderful weekend with friends at Jenny Slate's river house in Kibler Valley, Virginia.  They were releasing water when we arrived that afternoon and continued to release late into the evening, which gave Jeff and I time to make a run in the kayaks after dinner.  It was a perfect evening to be on the water and we had a blast paddling back down to the house.  We had to limit the time we could spend surfing since we needed to finish the run before dark, but I still got to play in a few favorite spots.  Jeff enjoyed his first stress free paddle in his river-running Dagger RPM.  It was so nice out that I leaned back onto the GT's rear deck and enjoyed the view of the mountains as I floated down the valley.  The water level was superb. 

Sunday morning Jackson and I hopped into Jeff's canoe and went for a leisurely paddle.  I commented that we were out on the river paddling in our pajamas.  Jackson said "Yeah, it's fun and comfortable."  There were lots more mini-trips in the canoe and kayaks, lots of sliding down the bank in the kayaks (I love doing that) and some roll sessions.  They didn't release on Sunday and we didn't have enough water for much more than that.  But the lower water level makes the river more fun for the kids and less stressful for us parents.  Jackson, Matthew and Samuel even took turns riding the kayaks through the rapids.   

As far as how the roll sessions went, I was only successful twice during five attempts, but for the first time, I was pretty comfortable being upside down in the river.  During my last attempt, I managed to stay under long enough to try rolling three times before I floated too far downstream and ran out of deep water.  That's what I am really trying to work on, staying calm enough under water to think about what I need to do to set the roll up properly. 

It was an awesome weekend, all the way around.

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