Foster Falls on The New River

May28, 2007

1260 - 1150cfs  - Ivanhoe gauge

All photos of Delane are courtesy of James and Jeff

A small contingent of Smith River Valley Canoe Club members met in Mount Airy, then carpooled to Foster Falls, which is just off I-77 in Virginia and about 45 minutes north of Mt Airy.  The weather was perfect and the water felt great.   We worked the upper set of ledges the longest, then dropped through the second set a little faster, before stopping to play at the bottom river left hole.  We then worked our way slowly back to river right along the bottom ledge and called it a day after the one run, allowing us to get home in plenty of time for Memorial Day cookouts.  Paddlers today were Jeff E, Dale, Peter, James and myself.  We had a whitewater canoe, a touring canoe, a river running kayak and James' tricked out little canoe.

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