Kibler Valley, Virginia

June 2, 2007 - 9000kw

(all photos courtesy of Jeff E)

Man I love Kibler!  The river was full today of paddlers, including many from SRVCC.  I saw a lot of familiar and friendly faces during my short time on the river.  I had a very busy and hectic day scheduled, but couldn't pass up the first 9000kw release of the summer.    I tried waiting at the hydro station for a group from SRVCC, but after playing for awhile at the top, I decided to paddle with Bobby C as far as basketball.    We both took the same river left line at the drop before the first bridge, but Bobby took a much better boof line at basketball.  I then hustled back to the top and paddled catch-up to a small part of the SRVCC gang that had already put in.  Having already missed the Basketball Falls boof once, I was able to line the second one up much better.  I really needed to get off the river and back home, so I decided to head for the take-out with Joe F and Mike G, who were also running out of river running time.  I had an awesome day.  Went over twice, the first time was while surfing basketball falls.  Rolled up out of that, then let the GT's stern grab while catching an eddy further downstream and found myself upside down in a shallow pool.  Too shallow to roll, so I just did a pushup and flipped back over.  Lots of fun today and it was great to see so many friends up and down the river.


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