Wilson Creek Gorge

March 16, 2008
Level = -3

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Awesome.  My first trip to the Wilson Creek Gorge and I loved it.  The group was made up of Ricky, Sue, Josh and I.  Ricky led the way and Sue ran sweep.  I sat in the middle and tried to follow right in Ricky's boat tracks.  Ricky and Sue's line descriptions were so spot on that it made things a lot easier.  10 Foot Falls, Boat Buster, Thunderhole, Razerback and TripleDrop all went well.  I loved the autoboof at The Wall and the rail slide at the end was cool.  Triple Drop was probably my favorite with Boatbuster and Thunderhole second.  Lots of braces, a few rolls and one OBE in the jumble above 10 foot.  I went home with some blood on my knuckles and a smile on my face.

Thanks to Josh for letting me borrow his Hero and to Ricky for lending me the elbow pads, they came in handy.


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