North Fork of the Mayo River

Moores Mill Road on the North Fork to Anglin Mill Loop Road

May 16, 2008

1.81 ft 

I only pulled the camera out on this trip while stopped for lunch, so I don't have many to share.  Sammy, Ann, George, John, Joanne, Tim, Russ,  his two friends from Raleigh and I paddled the North Fork on a simply beautiful day.  The water felt great and I tried to work the Fun into every feature remotely big enough, having a seriously good time the whole way down the river, especially at the boiling hole.    John and Ann took each other's canoe for a spin, then swapped back while still moving downstream.  That was something to see.  John also did some nice surfing in his Zoom.  The boiling hole was full of scouts swimming, tubing and paddling.  They were having even more fun than we were and cheered loudly as we took turns surfing in the boiling hole.  Right before I got into the rapid for the last time, one of the scouts asked me "So what exactly are you guys trying to do?"  I told him that some were just surfing and some were trying to do tricks like enders.  He said "Oh, we thought you were trying to paddle back up it."  



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