The Mayo River
Park and Play from Boiling Hole to S-Turn

May 28, 2008
1.6 feet

Boiling Hole     

36MBs May 2008 Charlie's SRVCC Boiling Hole park and play movie

On a cool evening with overcast skies, a bunch of SRVCC paddlers hit the boiling hole for some park and play action.  Among the players was long lost member Mike C, who now paddles the Pacific North-West.  I think I've decided to keep my old GT after seeing the way Mike was able to paddle it.  Among the others paddling were Bev, Kevin, Grant, John H, James and Joanne's son Joey.  Charlie, Sammy, Joanne, MIke and Janet M were also there, but not paddling.  Kevin and James had some nice long retained surfs.  I saw Bev get some pretty enders and John had his bow in deep a few times and had some long surfs as well.  Kevin paddled with a paddle, hand paddles and bare hands.  And Mike showed that he hadn't forgotten how to work the boiling hole.  It was a lot of fun and, as always, it was nice to see the folks from the club.   Charlie put together a great little video, click here to watch it.  (32MBs)



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