Kibler Valley, Virginia

June 9, 2008 - 10,500kw

Man do I get excited over the first good Kibler run of the year.  I'll give this one a big "woo hoo hoo!" 

As we drove past the Danube takeout we saw the 2:00 SRVCC folks loading up.  It looked like they were in a hurry, so I was hoping a second run was in the works for them.  As we crossed the second bridge, I saw the 4:00 crowd making their way down river.  Too far down river for me to catch.  The put-in was empty except for one solo kayaker surfing.  I hopped in the water as fast as I could get geared up, like I thought they were going to run out of water.  Not long after I started surfing at the hydro station I saw Steve and Dale pull up.  I decided to paddle down to the first bridge and play there while I waited on them to set shuttle. 
I practiced stern squirts, letting the upstream current in the eddy recirculate me after each try.  I was working hard to imitate Covey in that spot doing this.  99% of them didn't really accomplish much, except for maybe roll practice, but the three that worked sent the bow up, up and over, sending me backwards into and under the water.  That was super, super fun.  Grant and Amaya bombed through while I was running my circles.  Once Steve, Dale and John K got there, I paddled on with them.  Not far below basketball, Joanne and Kristy zipped by.  We caught up to them again at the rapid at the cabin.  That one was hard to get into today though.  It was my first run down Kibler in the Jackson Fun when they were releasing and man oh man was it a blast.  As many times as I've ran Kibler, you wouldn't think that any new play spots could be found, but they seemed to be all over the place today.  I had just an awesome time.  I got to see Steve do some really nice surfing and it's always cool watching Dale handle his big boats in those tight Kibler spots.  I only paddled as far as 7 stitches where Amy and the boys were waiting.  The boys' knees were knocking from being in the ice water.  It was nice to see so many of the SRVCC crowd out there, even if I only got to see most in passing.    I was thinking as I drove into the valley that the folks in Claudville were probably thinking "don't those boat people have jobs?"  If the cafe had been open, it would have been a perfect evening.  I had a big hamburger on my mind as I drove out.

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