The Mayo River

Boiling Hole to S-Turn

June 14, 2008

1.2 feet

With no water to be found, I headed to the Boiling Hole on the Mayo River in Rockingham County for some park n play fun with Sammy, Bob and Cat.  The river was packed with folks having all sorts of their own kinds of fun.   We managed to stay out of the jumper's way and no one landed on us, so it was all good.  Cat and I even made our own jumps.  The water was low, but we all managed to catch a few good enders.  We also had a long roll session below the S Turn, trying out new things and working on some old techniques.  After getting out of the boats and body surfing the rapids for a while, Bob and I got back into the Boiling Hole for another round of playing.  With no one jumping, we got as many turns in the rapid as we wanted.  It was hard to get the really vertical enders without the bow stopping on rocks, but it was fun when we did.  I was happy to end the day with my first two combat offside rolls ever.  I also forced myself to use the screw roll as much as possible versus my onside C to C.  I'd like to start going to some of these other rolls in combat situations instead of always falling back on the same one.