Kibler Valley, Virginia
July 19, 2008 - 7,500kw


On our way to the hydro-station, we saw group after group paddling downriver.  I put in at noon, for what looked to be a solo run, but at basketball, I ran into just a river full of paddlers, including a big bunch of my SRVCC buds.  I only had time for a half run and took out at 7 Stitches where Amy and the boys were waiting on me.  I got to paddle with a great group today that included Sammy, Trish, Joe, Bob, Goodman and Eric.   While still at the take-out, I ran into Randy W, Trent and Kevin W at the river and Tommy and John S at the road.   And along the way down the river I ran into Steve, Tim, Pam, John H and others.  It was just another fun day running the valley. 



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