Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River
October 25, 2008

Russell Fork Video - Oct 2008

One of my favorite days spent paddling to date.  Great group, tons of laughter, nice water, wonderful weather, nice play-spots, just nothing at all to complain about.  Bob and Joe picked me up just before six in the morning.  We arrived at Breaks Park just as the shuttle vehicles were pulling out at 9:30, so we turned around and drove to the put-in.  The water was higher and a little pushier on this trip.  I had a blast surfing a nice big wave on the Pound and enjoyed getting to watch John H rodeo in the diagonal wave just before the confluence.  Surfing at Bartlett Dam was even more fun than it was earlier in the month.  I decided to follow James through Twenty Stitches this time and his line worked well.   The entire group was made up of really good paddlers and I only recall one person swimming all day.  I took the opportunity to play around with some stern squirts and the water didn't even seem that cold.  At the take-out I took a slide down the hill while Bob rode back to the top for his Element.  By the time the shuttle vehicles were back at the Garden Hole, it was too late to fit in a run on the lower section as we had planned.  So we instead set up camp, drove down to the Gorge take-out to watch some play-boating, then hopped over to The Rusty Fork for dinner with most of the gang.  Bob, Joe and I left after breakfast Sunday morning while many of the others took off for a second run.  Both the trip to Russell Fork and the ride back went fast thanks to great conversation and lots of laughter.  Great trip. 



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