The Mayo River
March 1, 2009
Moores Mill Road on the North Fork to Anglin Mill Loop Road

My original plan for the day was to paddle Wilson Creek with Grant.  But low water and bad weather predictions convinced me to stay close to home where I could be off the roads before the weather hit.  Joe and I met at 11:30 at the Boiling Hole to make a trip down the North Fork in what we expected to be tough paddling conditions.  Instead, we had a nice calm paddle with no wind or precipitation.  Fantastic day on the water.  It wasn't really cold at all and I enjoyed river running in the Rocker for the first time.  At lunch-stop, while enjoying one of Libby's delicious muffins, I saw the first snow flakes fall.  Joe and I were able to paddle to the confluence amid a flurry of snow.  Below the confluence, the sky was full of big heavy snow flakes and even the Mayo began to look pretty scenic.   The two foot level was nice and we took our time playing our way through the ledges.  After running the Boiling Hole to S-Turn loop twice, we called it a day.   Joe and I were loaded up and running shuttle by 2:30.  At 3:00, after crossing the Mayo on Anglin Mill Road, I called Amy to let her know that I would be home by 4:00.  Once I hit Amostown Road a few miles later though, the roads started turning white.  Within a couple more miles, everything was covered and the road had no tracks on it.  I made it to within a mile of the primary road before the car broke loose, spun around, slid down the road a bit,  slipped off the left side and slammed into a barbed wire fence.  I spent the next few hours talking to the very nice land owners and waiting for a wrecker.  Eventually my dad came to the rescue and pulled me out with his four-wheel drive.  I think the lesson learned was that while it was a perfect day to be on the river, it was not the best day to be on the road.


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