The Mayo River
Boiling Hole Park-And-Play

April 5, 2009
2 feet

Sammy, Randy and I spent a couple of hours on a beautiful, warm April Sunday playing from the bridge to the S-Turn.  I didn't have time to make a full run anywhere, so it was a nice way to quick paddling fix.  The wave at the bottom of S-Turn was the best I've seen it.  The water was just high enough to allow you to paddle back into it without an excessive amount of work, but not so high that the wave spit you back out.  All three of us managed to catch good rides on it.  It was so nice to be able to roll without getting an ice cream headache.  The boiling hole might have been a shade to high for optimal playing, but we gave it a shot.  I rode one good stern squirt and one good ender, but everything else I tried was junk.  Lots of fun though.   Spent a little time in Little SOB.  Cheryl, Ann and George were sitting on the river bank enjoying the nice sunny weather. 

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