Foster Falls on The New River

April 19, 2009
1930cfs  - Ivanhoe gauge


On a nice, but overcast, sixty degree day, John, Crystal, Bob and I met at Foster Falls for a couple hours of play on the ledges.  Crystal was test driving a new Diesel and checking out how it felt in current.  John, Bob and I were surfing and playing in every spot that wasn't washed out by the slightly higher than optimal water level.   I loved the hole located on river left at the bottom of the top ledges.  It is hidden behind a large rock and, for some reason, it was the first time I had ventured that far left.  We spent a long time there, surfing, spinning and squirting.  The camera made it's way out and was passed around between John, Bob and myself.  John had a nice slow stern squirt and during one roll, a tree limb grabbed his paddle and tried to wrestle it away from him.  Bob had some nice long rides on a wave that wanted to spit you out whenever you went in too deep.  From there, we worked our way back to the far river right bank and the little pocket ender hole I like so much.  You really have to drive your heels down, but it's a fun place to practice standing your boat up.  Bob had a nice vertical ender there. 

The higher water gave the second set of ledges some fun new wrinkles, but I was sad to see the bottom left hole washed out.  I tried playing in it, but it was a little too munchy and not that formed.  On the whole, it was a fantastic quick get-away with good friends and I had a blast.  Lots and lots of surfing going on.  I've said before that if you aren't flipping, then you aren't trying hard enough, but I realized at the end of the run that I made it all day without a single roll.  So I guess that means I need to go back soon and play a little harder.

I've wanted to catch Foster Falls around 2000cfs for some time and, now that I have, my personal range for that section is between 1000 and 2000 cfs.  Any lower and it's just too shallow and any higher and too many of the features would wash out.  I think the best level I've paddled it at was 1600cfs last Spring.  Maybe a little higher than that would be just perfect.  At 45 minutes from my house, Foster Falls is a nice little spot for a quick side surfing get-away and I'm glad we made today's trip there.

(Thanks John and Bob for taking pics!)



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