Kibler Valley, Virginia
June 20-21, 2009 -

Jeff Jackson Jackson

I spent a fantastic Father's Day weekend on the river with family and friends.  The river was at release level the entire time we were there.  I paddled from the hydro-station to the river house with Bev, Joe J and Bobby C late Saturday afternoon.   A lot of other SRVCC friends were on the river, but making earlier runs.  I believe a few were able to stop by the house and visit while I was out paddling.  On Sunday, we took everything we had that could float, which was my friend Jeff's Dagger Blackwater, my Jackson Fun and Jackson's snow tube and made a couple of fun half runs.  It was nice paddling again with Jeff, who started kayaking with me back in 2004.  My fourteen year old nephew Jimmy paddled well on his trip down in the Blackwater.  And Jackson spent some more quality time in the Fun, side surfing it once in a nice little hydraulic until it sank from all the water he was taking on.  

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