Pigeon River
Walter's Hydro-Plant to Harford, TN

August 9, 2014

I left the house around 4:30AM, drove to the NOC in Bryson City, picked up a Dagger Jitsu 5.9 to replace my broken Jackson Fun, then met Greg and Alison at the Pigeon for an afternoon run. Also on the trip were Martha, Christi, Richard, Bobby, Suzanne, Kit, Brittany, Jason and Chris.  It was my first time paddling with Chris and Jason, both did great.  This was only my second trip on the Pigeon and the first in five years.  I enjoyed the surf waves even more than the first time, which I contribute to the new boat.  Everyone had solid runs, the weather was great.  I got to paddle with folks that I do not get to see very often.  All in all, it was a fun day on the river.  The only down river swim was in Accelerator.  Martha flipped and nearly had her paddle blade broken when it wedged between two rocks.  The blade has a crack across the outer finish.  And I pulled my skirt twice, which I will be more than happy to blame on being in a new boat, of course, it could have just been me.  Both were following stern squirts.  I probably rolled a dozen or more times, but only the stern squirt rolls gave me trouble.   During a break below Lost Guide, I climbed a cliff and jumped into the river, which was a lot of fun.  Greg soon followed suit.  I was very pleased with the new boat.  It was super fast on the waves compared to my Fun.  I enjoyed surfing SuperGlue the most, although there were lots of other good surf spots along the way.  The sun was out, the company was great and I enjoyed the run.  Greg did a great job of pointing out lines and playspots.  Once we finished our run, I drove to Hot Springs to camp and setup for a second day of paddling.

June 27, 2009

Great shuttle from Bryson City to Walter's Hydro-Station with Bob, Amy and Joe.  I would title the conversation " The History of Caveman Nookie and the Zen of Firing Bottle-Rockets"

The Pigeon was awesome.  It was my first time.  Loved the waves, lots of rafts though, so as soon as you started to surf, you had to clear back out.  Fun run though and bigger than I anticipated.  My biggest action was at Lost Guide.  I heard someone say "Stay right, then go left, miss the hole."  Simple enough.  If you knew where the hole was.  I decided it would be a good time to just jump in and probe something, so I paddled off toward it.  No hole that I could see though, so I eddied out on river right to look a little closer.  I watched as Bev, Joanne, Cindy and a few others came by, then filed in behind them.  I thought I could see where that hole would be and it looked like everyone was too far to the right to me, so I paddled hard to get further left.  Sometimes you see a hole coming and know that it's too late to do anything about it, so you just have to commit.  Sometimes you know where it is and you just don't make the moves needed to miss it.  Then every once in awhile, you don't see that bad boy until you're dropping straight down into it.  That was me in Lost Guide.  Turns out, a lot further right would have been a good thing.  I had my boat angled right to left when I dropped in and after seeing the curl, I knew that any angle was a bad thing.  I thought I might be there for awhile.  I flipped as soon as I hit it and rather than roll right back up, I tried to take a moment to get ready for what I anticipated would be a pretty big ride.  But when I did roll up, I was way downstream.  Glad she wasn't a keeper.  I immediately went into the bottom hole, but faired better.  Charlie's boat came by about that time, so Shane and I took off to bulldoze it to shore.

At Double Reactionary, I took out to take photos and was just super impressed with every single person in our club that paddled through.  Great lines all the way around.  David went first, then Bob, Charlie was last.  Everyone was super smooth and I quickly switched from video to photos since there wouldnt' be any carnage.  Mike stalled out at the bottom just long enough for Joanne to catch up to him and she pulled out a really nice deep brace to stay upright and skirt the bottom hole.  It's a pain sometimes to get out of the boat, but I'm usually glad that I got a chance to sit back and play spectator at least once. 


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