June 28, 2009

Delane on the NOC wave (pic by Jacob)
Pics from Nantahala Falls and of me surfing the NOC wave are courtesy of Jacob C. (thanks Jacob!)

I stopped by the Nantahala Outdoor Center while in Bryson City during the SRVCC Weekend of Rivers for a little park-and-play fun from the falls to the NOC wave.  Loved, loved, loved the NOC wave that day.  Ran the falls, rolled at the bottom, then went back into it to surf briefly.  Messed around below the falls with some stern squirts and stuff while waiting for a group of SRVCC paddlers to come through.  Eventually went downstream with Amy and the boys ,who were watching from shore, for lunch at River's End Restaurant where I watched our friends finish their runs down on the river below.   Capped off the trip with a little shopping at the outfitters, forgot to use my CCC discount.  Lost Ben twice while shopping because I kept getting distracted by all the gear.  This was my first time visiting both the river and the center and I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon.


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