Elk Creek
Galax, Virginia

September 27, 2009
around 1ft, maybe less

Sandwiched between a morning spent working and an evening spent dining with friends in Greensboro, I managed to slip away long enough to paddle a fun little creek, just up the road in Grayson County, Virginia.  I've been meaning to check out Elk Creek for a long time, so I'm glad that I was able to join Bev, John, James and David, along with the other first timers, Tommy, Randy, Jacob, Mike , Bob and Matt.   Lots of great scenery on this run, which you get to appreciate during the forty minute flat water paddle at the end.  Everything above that, all the way up to the put-in, was tight, technical and fun.  Because I wasn't sure what to expect, I decided to take the play-boat instead of the creeker.  I'm always afraid I'll find some awesome playspot and be mad that I am in the Rocker.  Considering the lack of play and the abundance of rocks on this run, I'll change my boat choice next time.   It reminded me a lot of the gorge section on Big Creek in Stokes County.  The difference being that Elk Creek has about a mile and a half of small drops, where Big Creek just has the two rapids.  According to American Whitewater, the rapid in this photo, which is located near the start of the run, is called Slicer.  You run the top half left to right, catch an eddy on the right, then run the bottom half right to left.  A few rapids had wood which dictated which lines were available, but most had alternate routes to choose from.  At least one rapid required a squeeze through the exit.  My next paddle might not be until the middle of October, so I tried to enjoy the warm air and get all the rolls in that I could.  After a month long dry spell, I was mostly just happy to be out on the water knocking the dust off the paddle. 

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