Wilson Creek Gorge
November 14, 2009
Level = -1

Nice paddling with Justin and Patrick today.  They got an early start and had one lap out of the way by the time I arrived.  Could not have asked for a nicer day during November.  And the water level was pretty much exactly what I had hoped for.  At today's minus one level, Boatbuster, Thunderhole, Tripledrop and Razorback were all a lot of fun.  After paddling it at minus seven last month, everything today seemed fluffy and padded.  Especially landing off the boof at Boatbuster, that was nice and soft.  Loved Razorback, which I haven't particularly liked before.  I enjoyed watching Justin and Patrick explore some alternate lines.  They are both excellent paddlers.  My paddling on the other hand was far from stellar.  Just couldn't find my mojo and paddled with less confidence than normal, although in retrospect, I suppose that Wilson Creek at -1 is the toughest thing I've paddled to date.  Or maybe I'm just still bummed over swimming out of the hole at the bottom of 10 Foot Falls on the second run.    I only rolled once, I think, on the first run, on what might be the smallest rapid on the creek.  On the second run, I rolled in the exact same rapid.   Had a tricky little broach somewhere late in my 2nd run and had to duck and roll in order to slip off the rock.  At least one other roll somewhere in there, can't recall when or where, but the paddle had to be adjusted after it sliced through on the first attempt.  Managed to get it square, if not backwards, and rolled up on the next try.   Had my best run at the wall on the first run, catching the autoboof.  Bounced off to the right on the second run and used my elbow to bounce off the wall.  Ouch.  Outside of my shaky paddling though, it was a great day on the river.  I finally have the Rocker outfitted the way I like, the key to which was moving my sweet cheeks from the Fun to the creeker.  The weather was awesome, the scenery, as always, superb.  So in summary, I saw some good paddling, did some bad paddling (super glad I didn't go to Watauga), loved the level, had a good time, need to spend a lot more time creeking.  

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