Kibler Valley, Virginia
November 28, 2009 -

Looking downstream at the boof rock The SRVCC gang taking a break Libby and Disa at 7 Stitches The Fortin ladies Jerry, Joe, James, Tommy 7th Inning Stretch Hydro Station Waiting for a vehicle to get pulled up from the river A friday night car crash

I'm pretty sure this was the first time I've paddled Kibler Valley during November.  Great views of the ridge lines that can't be seen during the summer months.   I often found myself drifting along looking up at the mountain peaks.  The day started cold with a strong breeze, but quickly warmed and turned into just a beautiful day.  We had a slight delay on our way to the hydro station, although, oddly enough, watching vehicles being pulled back onto the road isn't an uncommon occurrence in Kibler.   Quite a few boaters gathered at the put-in, including a group from Roanoke.  I knocked out a quick cold water roll while surfing the creeker at the hydro station before heading down river with our group of five kayakers, two open boaters and a single C1.  I had just a fantastic time.  Great group, great weather, great water.  As a bonus we ran into the Fortin family at 7 Stitches.  Joe's parent were simply a pleasure to meet and it's always nice seeing Libby and Disa. 

Below Basketball Falls, we played a fun impromptu game of "How many boats can you pile into a two boat eddy?" , stacking at least four or five in on top of Bev.  Somewhere in there, we bumped Steve and his play-boat out of two consecutive eddies.  Steve, in the only short boat today, was the big player in the group.   Later in the trip, as James, Tommy and I talked about how it is fun to do that sort of thing in Kibler and how it's important to pay attention to other boaters on more serious rivers, I paddled over Tommy's stern commenting that I'm always courteous with my fellow boaters.  James said "Okay, we're going to hit this next section and see who's left standing at the end."  I don't think he had finished his sentence before Tommy took off like a rocket.  I managed to catch James and turn his stern, but neither of us could close on the T Man and his Mamba.  Had it not been for the speeding ticket I got on my way to the river, today would have been just perfect. 


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