Wilson Creek Gorge
February 20, 2010
Level = -5

Great way to break a two month paddling hiatus.  Temps in the high fifties, sunny skies, clear water, two dry hair laps through the gorge.  I left Mount Airy at 10 and met Patrick at the take-out at 12.  The laps are starting to get a little quicker.  We had two in and the boat back on the car by 3.  After the first run,  Pete gave us a ride to the top and paddled with us on the second lap.  I enjoyed getting to see Pete's play-boating moves on our way down the river.  Nothing really eventful to report.  I plugged one drop that resulted in a pretty solid piton and I had three brief broaches.  But all in all, my runs were cleaner than normal.  Still plenty of bracing going on.  Really liked the boof line at Boatbuster today, as well as the trap door boof at Tripledrop.  And the auto-boof at the Wall.  Patrick had nice backwards spinning rides at the rail slide.  I caught the river right eddy immediately following the boof in the run-up to 10ft during both runs, that was a first.  Ricky really wanted me to catch that eddy on my first trip to WC back in 08 and I forgot about it until today.   I stopped in Lenoir for a quick bite at Wendy's, then cruised back into Mount Airy, arriving home a little before 6. 

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