The Mayo River
Boiling Hole Park-And-Play

March 21, 2010
1.9 feet

Steve Bev and Steve getting ready to boof

First park-n-play session of the year.  It was my first trip to the Boiling Hole since last April and I had a blast.  After spending all of Fall and Winter in the creek boat, it was time to break out the play boat and goof around a little.  I met Patrick, Bev and Steve at the river at 11:00.  We carried the boats up to the bridge, then played our way down to the S-Turn, taking out at 1:20.  Between being rusty and the level being a tad high for playing, I mostly just let the BH throw me around, but I did spend enough time in there for my hips to be good and sore today.  I pancaked a few enders and stern squirts, but mostly I was just having fun getting flipped.  Patrick was playing around in his old school Corsica S, while Bev worked with Steve on things like ferrying, boofing and paddling hard.  At the S-Turn, Steve fell just shy of the middle eddy, then flipped as he entered the last drop backwards.  He rolled up in a flash, just in time to drop in a little side-surf action at the bottom.  It was a stellar first combat roll.  I'm now looking forward to warm weather and a few more afternoons like this one.

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