Wilson Creek Gorge
April 2, 2010
Level = -3



Great day, amazing 85 degree temps, loads of sun, good times with good friends.  I was happy to finally paddle my favorite run with some of the SRVCC gang.  I met them at Wilson Creek on their way west for the big Easter trip.  We met around 10:30-11:00 at the take-out  The level was -3, we made one lap.  At least 4, maybe 5, of the group would be running the gorge for the first time.   The total group size of nine would more than double any group I had ran Wilson with before.  All were excellent paddlers and the run was a blast.  Paddlers were John H, James C, Steve H, Tommy P, Bill H, Michael,  Ed B, Wily Y and myself.  2 canoes, 2 C-1s and 5 kayaks.  As is the case when paddling with friends, the best memories come from the worst lines.  I provided a few of those by running Triple Drop backwards after screwing up the exit from the trapdoor boof.  I flipped on the final hole and had to roll up in the rock jumble down there while John captured it on video.  I also ran all ten feet of 10ft Falls backwards, but the only one  that got to see that was Bev, who was watching from the bank.  For the first time, Little Woodall grabbed me and kept me for a brief side surf.  Tommy had a nice roll at the bottom of 10ft after his line fed him into the hole at an angle.  Steve was in a play-boat and often disappeared at the bottom of the drops.  It was Michael, Bill and Steve's first run, but all three came away with dry hair.  James had a dry hair day as well, even after tackling the hole at the bottom of 10ft head on.  Boatbuster was again my personal favorite rapid of the day. 

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