The Mayo River
Boiling Hole Park-And-Play

May 19, 2010
1.9 feet


What a fantastic way to spend a Wednesday evening, playing in the river with good buds.  Joe "Go Big Or Go Home" Fortin drove his Fun into the hole and almost looped the thing twice.  Joe had cleaned several enders and I was super impressed at how nice they were.  I said "Joe, wow, you've really gotten good at those, how long have you been doing that?"  Typical laid back Joe, he replies "That was the first time, tonight." 
Not to be out done, Randy "If You Can't Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen" Cook went in for his own big enders that came just as close to looping as Joe's.  I swear, there had to be at least a millisecond where the boat was totally out of the water. 
Lang "RiverRookie" aka "The Organizer" aka "7 Seconds" Highfill twice drove his canoe so deep into the hole that I thought he would sink it, but managed to paddle out of it each time.  Although it did give him a chance to find out what us rollers already knew, the water was a little chilly.  Cindy "Surf Machine" aka "Jimmy Olsen", rode both the BH and the S Turn wave for nice looong turns.  The S Turn was so sweet and soft that whenever someone parked their kayak in it, they decided to stay there forever.  Serious hole hogging going on by all.  Cindy and I were talking about how the wave seems to be nice at a wider range of levels than it used to be.  Not sure if that is just perception or if something changed in there.  And I got to meet Jack "Traveling Man" Conrad, who appears to be thoroughly enjoying his time on our NC whitewater. 
The sun peaked out from time to time, it did not rain, it was a good night.  I enjoyed taking photos and watching all the hole riding.  Thanks to Cindy and Lang for sharing their photos.  Hope to catch another Wed session sometime soon.

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