The French Broad
Section 9 - Barnard to

June 26, 2010

Lang, Cindy, Joanne, Bob, Randy, Mike and I hopped over to the French Broad from Bryson City during the SRVCC short week of rivers.  The weather was great and I was pretty happy with the water level, especially at the Sandy Bottom wave.  My other favorite spot was Pillow Rock.   After taking out to snap photos at Pillow,  I paddled back into it for the first time and was rewarded with a really fun ender.  I also took the river-right Pinball sneak chute for the first time and thought it was one of the more scenic parts of the trip.  It was a great group and I enjoyed the company as we made our way down the river.  We took out at Stackhouse and headed back to camp for the big Saturday night cookout. 


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