July 31, 2010 - 10,000KWs

Ann and Trish

Race day rocks. 

Thanks to Steve and Patty for hosting such a great gathering last night, wish I could have stayed far longer.  Not just saying that, really do wish that I could have.  What a great way to spend an evening after a day of paddling.

Ben would have turned a hefty profit had he setup a hot cocoa stand instead of selling cold lemonade.  Thanks to everyone that graciously supported the little guy, he was happy with his profits and has plans to go toy shopping.  James, Ben paid it forward by giving a cup of free lemonade to the next paddler that came by, a guy in a white canoe. 

Congrats to Jacob for bringing home hardware and for completing a hard race.

Very rare to be colder off the water than on it in Kibler.  Thanks to Tommy for lending me a surf shirt, otherwise I would have froze after forgetting to bring a shirt.

Happy to see a few of the club racing.  Kevin must have been fast because neither Amy or I saw him come by.  To James, Kevin, Dale, Jacob and all the other racers, way to go. 

Good to see Trish back on the water.

Broached canoes create stressful moments, add a married couple to that situation and, man, the stress was thicker than the fog.  I was happy to remove myself as the third wheel from that rock at Public Enemy.  Good job SRVCC folks that helped the couple get their canoe going again and to Tommy for working upstream safety, making everyone coming through aware of the situation.  It was fun to practice some of Edgar's tricks, even if in retrospect I recognized things that I did wrong.

Kathy's sweet potato cake was fantastic.

While I would have liked to have paddled more with more people, especially Kev, haven't paddled with him in forever, it was really cool to make another Kibler run with Jackson.   Really proud of how he handled the Fun, he's stronger this year and was able to make some nice ferries. 

Wendy Cline was showing me their new computer system that more quickly calculates the winners from each division, I'm sure that was nice for them and for the competitors. 

My wife also rocks, I left the house on Friday and spent the night in Primland, so I was impressed on my shuttle ride to the top to see her setup at 7Stitches in the rain, with the canopy assembled and a lemonade stand setup.  She brought the stuff I forgot, like my shirt and Bob's shirt.  And she even had a plate of homemade Heath bar cookies (I'm eating one of the leftover cookies right now). 


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