Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River
October 02-03, 2010
Sat 849 cfs - Sun 820 for the Pound
R/F+39 +36
Total = 888 Sat, 856 Sun

Just one of my favorite trips ever.  Paddling highlights included my surfing attempts at Bartlick and 20 Stitches, catching 21 eddies on the left side of Railroad on day 1 (I made a game out of counting them), watching Ann and Randy's day 2 attempt at navigating the left side of Railroad in their Shredder, super fun almost slow motion enders next to the big rock at the bottom of Johnny's Rock, one fun ender while surfing on the Pound, sliding down the big hill at Garden Hole on both days, surfing every little spot I could find on both days, but especially on day 2, making it down the river with 41 friends on day 1 and 14 on day 2 and trying to hit Mercer's Splat rock, only to half miss it, resulting in a quick roll.  The IBFs (Inflatable Boat People) are always fun to watch because they are almost always laughing and having a good time.  The camping was exactly what the doctor ordered, the night time temps were cool and I slept like a baby.  Lots and lots of R&R around the campfire, good snacks, good beer, lots of laughter.  The baby back ribs at Southern Smoke, well, I still haven't stopped gushing about how good they were.  Joe is a great traveling partner and I appreciated the ride to and from Breaks.  The weather on Saturday was made to order with beautiful blue skies.  The weather on Sunday did not look very promising at first, but it turned out to be fantastic.  Can't wait for the next trip.




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