Wilson Creek Gorge
February 5, 2011
Level = -6.5

It had been 10 months since my last trip to Wilson Creek, two months since my last day on a river and a full five months since my last real day of whitewater paddling.  So suffice it to say, I was happy to be outside paddling, even if the level was really low.  The gauge was somewhere closer to -7 than -6 when we started.  When I got home, I checked it again and it was up to around -6.  I didn't find a lot of takers for a cold weather low water run, but Charles Herring was equally anxious to get on the water, so we met around 1PM at the river. Surprisingly, to me anyway, lots of other folks were out paddling, including Mike and Bill who we ran into at the takeout.  It was my first time paddling with everyone except Kayaker Bill.    I only had time for one lap, which was uneventful, stress free and super fun.  Everyone else went back up for at least one more run.  There is just a lot that I love about Wilson Creek.  The fact that it is only two hours from the house is definitely one of those things.  I pulled the camera out at the put-in, Tripledrop, Maytag and Razorback.  Then on my way out, I climbed out on a ledge to take a few quick photos of Razorback from a different perspective.  Speaking of Razorback, typically I run my worst lines of the day on that rapid, especially on ELF runs.  But on Saturday, I was really happy with how I ran that rapid.  Now I just hope that I remember what I did the next time I run it.  Boatbuster is almost always my favorite rapid and that held true again today.  Triple drop was nice.  I have a bit of a sore neck after whiplashing at the Wall.  Maybe it is just because I was so hungry for some whitewater, but I would easily go back to WC to run it at this level. 

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