Kibler Valley
Tuesday, July 12, 2011 - 7500KWs

Took the afternoon off to make my first Kibler run of the year.  Steve H drove into the valley right behind me, so we set a plan to drop boats off at the top and play until everyone else arrived.  But we then ran into James at the picnic tables and Jack, Trent, Kit and Derrick at the top.  Mason, a 14 year old paddler that I know, was also at the top, surfing at the hydrostation, so he joined us as well.  Mason and I dropped down to Public Enemy to practice some stern squirts and we watched the rest of the crew pass through.  We only managed to catch up to James and Steve, who were on the same "play as you go" pace.  It was a nice eddy hopping, side surfing, stern squirting trip down the river.  I was able to show Mason a couple of the better stern squirt locations and enjoyed watching him do his thing.  The kid is going to be an awesome paddler in the very near future.  James and Steve took out at the picnic tables, Mason and I paddled down to where Amy and the boys were hanging out a little further downstream.  Before we packed up and called it a day, we saw a lot of our paddling peeps, including George and Ann.  The fun part about that was seeing Ann in a kayak instead of her open boat.  It is a simple formula that always proves true.  High Temps + Cold Water + Kibler Valley = Fun

I posted a video from the day on youtube... El Kiblero 2011

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