Kibler Valley
Tuesday, July 16, 2011 - 7500KWs

I don't know when a day in Kibler doesn't equate to a good time and Saturday was no different.  What a fun day.  I can't believe the crowd that place can pull on a cool, rainy day, especially following two weeks of sunny recreational releases.  I guess every week is like race day these days.  I paddled primarily with Joe and Will, but ran into a countless number of friends around almost every bend.  I met paddling peeps that I only knew through Facebook (Martha), the SRVCC board (Joey), email (Mark) and this website (Chris).  No place is better than Kibler for putting faces with names and I have for a long time said that it is one of my favorite things about paddling in the valley.  I also saw lots of the SRVCC gang and other old friends, some of which I hadn't seen in a while, like Mike.  Joe, Will and I were going at a super, super slow play pace, took out at Basketball to run the top twice, and didn't reach the 2nd bridge until 2 hours after we put in.  I always paddle away from the top section wishing that I had stayed and played a little longer, but not this time.  By the time we reached the cabin rapid, my rolls were getting sloppy and I realized that I was getting tired.  After not missing a single eddy or place to surf in the top half, I was just bobbing along at the end, too whipped to play.  I told Joe that unless my boat accidentally caught an eddy on its own, I wasn't stopping to surf.  My shoulders are still sore this morning.  But going slow like that let us paddle along with and in and out of a whole bunch of different groups of paddlers.  It was a classic Kibler day, where you see everything from folks making their very exciting 1st time run to Class V paddlers surfing with their kids in IKs.  I would love to give a shout out to everyone that I ran into, but it would take way to long.  So to everyone that I saw... It was great seeing you and I look forward to our next run-in on the river.  I didn't pull the big camera out of the pelican box on this trip, but did shoot a fair amount of video and created another 3 minute Kibler flick...
Cool Day In Kibler

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