The Mayo River
Boiling Hole Park-And-Play

July 26, 2011
1.4 feet

What a fun way to spend my birthday. I had a blast playing at the Boiling Hole with Steve, Brad, Jack, Derrick and Trent.  Beautiful evening, thin crowd that cleared out not long after we started, 1.4 level.  It had been too long since I've park-n-played on the Mayo.  In honor of being another year older, I tried to drive in just a little harder, dig a little deeper, catch a little more air, fly just a wee bit higher, get a few more bruises and scrape off just a tad more skin than I would have the day before, just to make sure that 42 wasn't too old to have fun.  As my friend Pam says "We don't stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing!"  I forgot to take a water bottle onto the river with me, so I stopped at the 1st store I came too and bought what possibly might have been the best Gatorade on the planet, it was gone before I made it to the counter.  You sure can work up a big thirst out there on the water. Just a wonderful treat squeezed into a gap between work and my birthday cake.
BDay Park and Play Video

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