Foster Falls on The New River

September 10, 2011
1690-1830cfs  - Ivanhoe gauge

I met Patrick W for a few hours of Saturday afternoon surfing.  The level was right in the sweet spot that I like so much.  I arrived first and caught a ride from a fellow paddler to the top.  Once Patrick arrived, we side surfed a little at the first ledge, then spent a pretty sizeable amount of time at the left hole behind the rock.  For some reason I wasn't able to get the enders that I grabbed with ease in August.   Patrick on the other hand had a lot of nice stern squirts here and made them look effortless.  The other group of local paddlers came through while we were still there and then met up with us again at the far right pocket ender spot that I like so much.  We wrapped things up at the bottom left hole,  which was as generous and forgiving as I've seen, allowing me to stay in there a little longer than usual.  Fun day.

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