Wilson Creek Gorge
June 3, 2012
Level = -8

I had a break in my schedule and the weather was just too nice to not paddle.  I threw out an open invite to make an ELF run at WC.  Bill said that he was in and suggested maybe a run on Watauga instead.  Trent and Zane said that they were in too.  We met at the Shell on 421 and after some discussion, decided that Wilson would be the best spot to hit.  We didn't get on the water until around 3PM and took our time.  The water was low, the banks packed with swimmers and it was all good.  We scraped and bumped our way down.  I had fun, I know Zane had a good time.  He got stuck in an eddy after the first drop in Triple, then flipped when he backed out of it and finished with a great roll after riding the 2nd drop upside down.  This was by far the latest in the year that I had paddled Wilson Creek.  I had a good time and would love to make another run like that sometime this summer. 

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