Wilson Creek Gorge
July 14, 2012
Level = -6.5 on the 1st lap, -5 on the 2nd
Click here  for the Summer Creeking video

What can I say, other than it is hard to beat Wilson Creek in July.  Good stuff.  Paddlers were Delane, Vince, Randy, Amy, Jeff, Eric and Matt on the 1st lap and Vince, Matt and I on the 2nd.  And not only did we have enough water to make a July run, at -6.5, but it held for the 1st run, then bumped up almost 2 inches for the 2nd lap.  Awesome.  This was a pretty solid group of paddlers and I would say the highlights of the day were... some really good boofs, especially Randy's at Boatbuster, Jeff's roll at Razerback and the huge crowd cheering and taking photos as we ran one of the ledges.  Vince and I met at the Shell on 421 at 10, met Randy, Amy and the others at 11:15 at the take-out, were on the water at noon, first run took about two hours, the second run took about half that.

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