Kibler Valley
July 17, 2012
9,300 KWs
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A really hot day, lots of recent rain, perfect combo for a full release in Kibler.  I saw Jack, Allison and Kit on the way up and knew that James and Willy were on the water somewhere as well.  So I parked at the top and played from the hydro-station down to the 1st bridge. The water felt fantastic and I spent a little longer than usual playing below the turbines.  I also discovered on Saturday that you could catch some nice enders at the Powerhouse rapid, so I played there as well.  At Public Enemy, I worked on connecting some ends for about twenty minutes, then, while taking a break to catch my breath, I let my paddle slip away.  I didn't even know it was gone until I turned to speak to Willy who was walking down the road.  I started paddling after it bare handed, then quickly decided that wasn't going to be fast enough, so I tried to get my hand paddles from behind my seat, managing only to swamp the Fun.  I had to hop out, dump the boat, strap on the hand paddles, then launch back into the search.  In the process I got to boof Basketball with the hand paddles which was fun, but mostly I was scanning for the lost paddle.  I got lucky and found it about a hundred or so yards below Basketball Falls wedged on a log.  Whew.  I caught up with James at the cabin rapid and while we were talking I spotted a small fawn on the river bank.  It hung out for a few minutes before scampering off up the hill.  Willy joined us while we were still surfing and playing, so we all wrapped up the day together at 7 Stitches.  From there we walked back to the top to get our three vehicles.  I had stashed my dinner next to the river on the way up, so I ate as we all walked and talked.  Since I wasn't in a hurry, I stayed a little longer chatting with James, then stuck around even longer playing guitar and enjoying the evening by the river.  On my way out I saw 1 more fawn and 4 does, in three different spots.  (video of the deer) It was a really fun, relaxing night in the valley.  Good stuff.

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