Kibler Valley
September 8, 2012
9,000 KWs
Kibler - 1 minute video

A surprise 9,000 KW release shifted the SRVCC fall picnic from the Smith River to my sister's house in Kibler Valley.  I arrived late, around 1:30, and saw a steady stream of paddlers on my way to the top.  Ironically, I found no one at the hydro-station, so I spent some time playing at the Powerhouse rapid.  One rock in the center of the main flow can impede a stern squirt, but if you nose in right beside of it, you have a pretty nice pool for cartwheels.  Plus it is one of the prettiest spots on the river.  I then played for about 30 minutes in the pool below Public Enemy before joining up with Jack, Paula, Justin and others on a run to our picnic destination at 7 Stitches.  It was really nice to see so many of the gang, especially Duane.  Duane's wife Trish was a wonderful paddling friend who we very recently lost as a result of her battle with cancer.  I met Trish in Kibler Valley many years ago and immediately knew that I would enjoy her company.  She was genuinely one of the most positive and nicest people I have ever met.  Her smiling face can be found many, many times on this website and her presence will always be missed when our SRVCC family gets together.


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