Wilson Creek Gorge
December 9, 2012
Level = -12

I was tired of waiting for rain, life had been really busy, I had been sick for weeks.  For lots of reasons, I was ready to get outside, so I put out a call for anyone else willing to tackle Wilson Creek at -12.  My friend Kayaker Bill was up for the challenge, so we met at 11AM to run a couple of laps on an unseasonably warm, but overcast, day.  We were surprised to see others at the put-in.  Don Bunch and two other friends were preparing to start a run, so we joined them for a slow relaxing trip down the gorge.  That lap took around 2 hours and was mostly uneventful.  I had never flipped in Thunderhole before, but did at -12 and broached on my side when rolling up.  With no real push to the water, I waited for the others to come through, then used my paddle to push myself upright and over the rocks.  The second lap was straight through and only took 40 minutes.  Great day to be on the water, even if there wasn't a lot of water to be on.

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