Wilson Creek Gorge
December 30, 2012
Level = -6.5
Wilson Creek Video - Dec 2012

Enough rain fell to bring Wilson Creek up during the week.  I was not free until Sunday, so I was not able to catch it at a more optimal level, but it appeared to be holding on to enough water for me to squeeze in one more trip to the gorge before the year ended.  I checked with Vince and he was game, then threw out a message on our SRVCC facebook page.  My friend Randy W from Raleigh responded, so we had a trip.  Eric M from Winston-Salem rode down with Vince as well, giving us a foursome.  I have paddled with Eric's mother Martha before and had heard that he was an excellent paddler.  He was, and with no one along making their first time run, we made excellent time on the river.  The plan was to meet at 11.  Vince, Eric and I were running early, Randy had the farthest to drive and was running a little late.  That gave us time to set shuttle and enjoy a quick lunch by the river.  We were probably on the water by 11:35 and had two laps in by 3:00.  We didn't see anyone else on the water, until Tim T from Mt Airy caught us right below Razorback.  Then as we were loading up, scores of boater rolled in.  The level had held steady at -5 the day before, but had dropped to around -6.5 by the time we put on.  I think it dropped another inch while we were there.  Highlights for me were lots of boofs on the first run.  I think Boatbuster holds on the best at low levels and is where I typically have the most fun.  After scraping down the gorge at -12 a few weeks earlier, -6 or -7 seemed easy.  The sun was shining and everyone was comfortable.  Eric made the seal launch slide on one of our laps and barrel rolled at the railslide on lap one.  It's always fun to have someone young along.   I was happy to bookend 2012 paddling one of my favorite spots with some really good paddlers.  Hopefully 2013 will bring lots more WC trips.




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