Wilson Creek Gorge
April 28, 2013
Level = -4
Two fun laps on a rainy day.  Got to the take-out around 11, level was around -5, -4 when I took off.  Paddled in a group of 7 on both laps, paddlers included Ed, Jim, Jereme, Brian, Mark and others.  All were new faces as I was not able to round up any of the usual suspects.  Unfortunately, the way I am with names, if you throw 6 of them at me, I am lucky if I remember 2.  All were excellent paddlers.  Hard to believe I had went 4 months between runs, but I had, only a few park-n-play hours since December.  And I definitely paddled like I had some rust on my blades.  I went over No Name on the far right and just before I dropped over I thought "wait a minute, isn't this what I do all the time and piton that rock at the bottom?"  Yeah, that's what happened.  Stopped the boat cold, fell back into a surf, flipped, floppedaround, didn't quite roll all the way up, planted the blade on my way back over and wedged it between what I presume were the rocks that I hit.  I let the boat go and held onto the paddle until I was able to work it loose.  The highlight of the day for me was that the paddle didn't break.  That was the only real excitement, although I did roll once when I tried to spin on the rail slide.  Mostly I was just happy to be back on something with some gradient.  On the way out I stopped by Brown Mountain Resort and ate fresh trout sandwich on fresh baked bread.  They even went outside to get the lettuce straight from the garden.  Hard to beat that. 
This was also the first run with the GoPro.  Here is a quick edit from my laps.

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