Upper Nantahala
June 22, 2013
250cfs release (400cfs with natural flow)
Video here
After a fun day with the families on the Tuck, John, Joe and I stepped it up a notch with a run on the Upper Nantahala.  We met Joey at the take-out, then shuttled to the top.  This was my second PFD of the day and the most fun I have had in a long, long time.  I was in my Jackson Fun and had no idea what the run would be like, other than it was III+.   Super continuous, great class II boogie between every class III drop and hole.  All four had good dry hair runs.  Joey's wife Julia met us at the take-out to shuttle John back up to his truck.  Just a great time on a gem of a creek.  I hope I get to run it again. 
Video here

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