Kibler Valley
July 6, 2013
2.8ft on the gauge at the top bridge, all natural flow
Ah'Natural Deux

With natural flow still in the valley, I made my second trip to Kibler in three days to meet friends from SRVCC.  It was really good to see some of my old paddling friends that I don't get to see often enough.  I enjoyed spending time at the church parking lot talking as we set shuttle and also enjoyed getting to meet one of the residents of the valley, Dick Lindsey, who is also a fellow paddler and who seems like an old friend after years of corresponding via email.  And along with seeing old friends, I was able to meet a few new faces too.  We loaded boats onto a few of the trucks, moved the rest of the vehicles to the other side of the road and headed upstream.  After all those years of not being able to help with shuttle, I enjoyed getting to say "anyone want to throw a boat on my truck?"  Because the hydrostation is under repair, we had to drop our boats at the top bridge, then park at Basketball Falls.  Steve, Jack, Alison and I hucked our boats up far enough to run Public Enemy, then everyone started paddling downstream together.  The paddlers were Jack, Pam, Sammy, James, Steve L, Emory, Ben, David  T, Bob H, Butch, Alison, Woody, Brooks and myself.    It was a beautiful day, the water felt great and I was having a great time.  But I also wanted to spend some time with the family, so I took out at 7-stitches while the rest of the crew paddled further downstream, some even hopping to far downstream for a run at Jessup's Mill.  I even went a little further down river than that by hiking at Hanging Rock and playing in Upper Cascades Falls.  Great day for sure.

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