Kibler Valley
June 18, 2014

Rushed from the office to the valley to catch the first real release of the year.  I dropped my boat, then parked at Deana and Martin's property.  Lucas picked me up, dropped me off at the top, I carried his boat up, then surfed at the Power House rapid while he went back for Andy.  We were not far ahead of the scheduled cutoff at 6pm, so I did not play as long as usual at any of my favorite spots, but did get some great play in along the way, only hitting one or two moves at each feature.  I originally only planned to run the top mile, but it was so nice to be out on the water, so I made the full run to the church with the guys.  The water felt good, I felt good about my paddling, the weather was perfect, it was just a great way to cool down after a day at the office.  Click here for a short video.



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