Kibler Valley
July 1st, 2014
8,500KWs  - 2.45 on the gauge

Left Mt Airy at 3pm, saw Bev, James and Joey at the church, gave Bev and his boat a ride to the top.  Ran into Stephen there, we drove down to 7 Stitches, dropped our cars and caught a ride with John back to the top.  We were on the water a little before 4pm.  The six of us boofed, eddy hopped, surfed, splatted, squirted, rolled, cart-wheeled and played on a hot day that made the water feel great.   I got to 7 Stitches at 5, perfect timing as I had to get back to the office.  Everyone else, except for Steve kept motoring down the river. 
There is still a little wood in the Public Enemy slot, so I boofed off the biggest rock, which was fun.  The boofs at Basketball were all killer.  I had a really fun stern squirt there before peeling out.  Great day for playing. 


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