Kibler Valley
July 5, 2014
7,500KWs  - 2.35 on the gauge
Video of the lower section

Started the day by paddling from the hydro-station to 7-Stitches, then reset shuttle for a Lower-Kibler trip with my son Ben, my friend John, his daughter Natalie and his two nieces.  The second run was from the church to the rope swing hole on Sawmill Lane and included a pit-stop to eat Blackberries hanging over the river, two portages for river-wide strainers, one stop for the kids to swim, three unintentional swims, an exit to push the kids over a river-wide log and lots of waves to friendly folks all along the way.  Ben had fun and was happy that the trip ended with more rapids than it started with. 
The first run of the day was with John and lots of my other paddling friends that were there for the first recreational release of the year.   



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