Kibler Valley
July 12, 2014
7,500KWs  - 2.35 on the gauge
Closer to the Heart  1.5min

I was joined by Dale, Richard, Andrew and Tom for a night of camping in Kibler.  I arrived early, spent some time playboating, hiking, playing guitar, napping in the hammock, picking raspberries and blackberries, drinking and relaxing.  Great steaks and fresh veggies for dinner, great breakfast the next morning.  Good times.  Got to paddle with lots and lots of good friends on Saturday, but spent most of my time with Steve and Will, who both like to go at my pace, working every single feature on our way down the river.  Always a good time in Kibler, always great getting to see old and new friends.  Looking forward to my next trip, which will probably be on race day.  Click here for a short video.

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