Kibler Valley
July 19, 2014
7,500KWs  - 2.35 on the gauge

For the third straight week, I caught the Saturday rec release in Kibler.  This time I met up with a crew of Hickory area boaters (John C, Kent B, Rick C, Howard, Brentley and his friend, and Tony and his raft crew).   After setting shuttle at the church and waiting on some late arrivals, we dropped Brentley's car at 7 Stitches and headed to the top.  We made one full run to the church and broke up into smaller groups along the way.  Tony had kids in his raft, so they went at a little faster pace than the rest of us.  Brentley's friend was new to paddling and in a rec boat, so they went a little slower.  Rick, Howard, John and myself were in the middle.  Rick, Howard, John and I went back up for a second lap and had a lot of fun working the eddies, boofs and surf spots in the top mile.  The weather was a little overcast and cool, but the river was still packed.  I ran into a lot of friends on both laps, like Tommy, Bev, Cindy, Lang, Kristy, Joanne, Mike, Sarah, Nathan, Danny, Andy, Jack, Brittney, Ren, Allison and many more.   Good times. 



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