Kibler Valley
July 26, 2014
9,000KWs  - 2.6 on the gauge
River Run Video

My favorite birthdays are the ones that fall on race day.  Always a wonderful day with family and friends on the river.  My first run took over three hours and included A LOT of play.  I had already made plans to make a playboat run with my friend Vince, then hooked up with two more playboaters, Steve and Dan.  Steve is one of my favorite Kibler paddling buds and I met Dan that morning.  At the put-in I ran into an old friend Justin K.  The five of us took our time getting to 7 Stitches, working every squirt spot, boof rock, surf wave and eddy hop.  I ran into lots of friends as we went down river, which is one of my favorite things about race day.  I also had a lot of friends zip on their timed runs.  On the second lap, I got to paddle with my WTL buddy Kevin, plus Sammy, Curt, Sharon and others, but pulled something in my rib doing a down river cartwheel below basketball.  With playtime over, Ben and I joined Curt and Sharon for an extended paddle downstream.  The water was moving a little quick for Ben though, so we took out at Albert's bridge.  Back at Dana and Martin's property, we grilled dinner, played fisbee, socialized with the neighbors and with my dad who stopped by.  Just an outstanding day all the way around. 


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